United for equality in Budapest

United for equality in Budapest

Thousands of Migrants are in danger in Serbia because Victor Orban decide that Hungary can’t acceot any migrant who escape from war and try to come in Europe to be refugies. Orban has close the border of Hungaria like trump want to do it between USA and Mexique. We, all activists for Human Rights can’t close our eyes about what happen in Hungary against migrants. We come to Budapest from France, Italia, Belgium, Danemark, to meet activists for Human Rights and Migrants, in order to understand what happen in Hungary and what we can do to change the situation if we all in europe we are “UNITED FOR EQUALUTY”.

The 11th february, in the Youth European center of the European Council of Europe in Budapest we will have a conference- meeting with Matyas Benyik, and differents speakers from ATTAC and Migszol.

ATTAC Hungary invite for our conference:

Kalmár Szilárd (from A BAL),


Morva Judit (from Transform/Magyardiplo),


Droppa György from SZAB (NGO for human right in Hungary)


Benyik Mátyás- (from ATTAC/SZAB),


Vajnai Attila (from Európai Bal/MMP2006),


Misetics Bálint (from AVM)

Erőss Gábor ( from Párbeszéd)

Together we will ask member of the European Parlement in order they do in order that Victor ORBAN open the Border for migrants and give them some help. WE want all “United For Eqaulity” to stop the extrem right in all Europe.