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Currently we continue to work on the “United for Equality” European campaign to submit four propositions to the members of the European parliament. We are endeavouring to build a network throughout Europe and we are already collaborating with MRAX, SOS Racismo Portugal, Movimiento contra la intolerancia, SOS Razzismo Italia, etc.

These are our four propositions:

• Regularisation of undocumented workers

• Voting rights in local elections for all foreign residents

• Opening restricted professions to foreigners

• Legalisation of class actions

As part of this project, we’ll be holding the second United for Equality conference from 28 to 31 October at the international accommodation Jean Monnet Centre in Paris.

We will be bringing together anti-racist activists, leaders from European organizations, as well as members of the European Parliament and locally elected politicians, in order to reach a consensus of common demands.

We’ll be having panel discussions and debates centered on the fight against discrimination and the right to equality, as well as the four main propositions. The participants and attendees will be able to present their position and experience regarding these issues in order to engage in an enriching dialogue.


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