Europe now counts 30 million non-European foreign citizens (6% of the whole population). They take part in the demographic renewal of the Union, in its cultural and economic dynamism.
With the crisis context, many governments narrowed migrants’ rights and decided to close the borders of a “Fortress Europe”. Far-right parties, by spreading their hateful speeches, against Rom population, Muslims, Jewish people generated racist crimes.
In the whole of Europe, we are standing up, all different, all equal, united against fascism and racism to say “Never again!”
Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind (Universal Declaration of Human Rights), we ask the European Parliament to defend the founding equality principles of the European Union

–       We claim a European legislation that will ensure migrants rights to enter and reside. We want that every undocumented worker be granted residence.

–       We demand the right to vote in local election for foreign citizens in every country of the Union

–       We want equality in the right to work for both non-European and European citizens

–       We claim for Justice to punish racist actions, everywhere in Europe. We ask for testings and Class Actions to be legalized, in order to fight discrimination more efficiently.

Together, let us make Equality a Reality, for a fraternal and solidary Europe that will be victorious tomorrow!


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